Accurate selection in terms of performance and reliability of the LED sources such as Led Multidie (COB) for projectors or Led Mid power for the realization of basic modules for diffused lighting.
Design of high performance optics and diffusers both to maximize the efficiency of the lamps and to replicate the light distributions of traditional lamps.
Careful manufacturing of the elements for heat dissipation. In designing LED lighting systems one of the most critical parameters is the capacity of the system to dissipate the heat developed on the LED joint because high working temperatures affect negatively performance and life.
Selection of the most appropriate materials for the mechanical elements such as aluminum but also plastic technopolymers with high heat dissipation features. Thanks to exclusive technologies they allow to obtain a perfect electric insulation, an optimal heat conductivity and an enhanced mechanical resistance to impacts.
Power source electronics for each lamp characterized by high efficiency and reliability in different conditions of use and power supply.
Compatibility with the systems for managing and regulating light according to the most popular home automation protocols in use.