To the companies relying on Bibetech Lighting solutions, we offer a large range of services to choose from.
The traditional replacements of existing lighting systems require investments and diligence in the search for the best possible partner.
Bibetech offers complete service packs to satisfy every type of need:

Customized Service

A team of professionals to offer you a free and customized service for the analysis and check of the present structure, with a preliminary evaluation of the energy saving ensuing from the installation of LED technology.

Leasing and Rentals

Leasing and operative rentals solutions to supply all the advantages of LED light at ZERO price. Thanks to this formula of integrated services, the cost of service is zero because no direct investment is required by your company but only a monthly fee which will be totally covered by the energy saving generated by using LEDs.

White Certificates

In addition thanks to certification like ESCO (Energy Saving Company) Bibetech assists its clients in obtaining “Energy Efficiency Credits” (EEC, White Certificates).