Moulding plastic materials

Plastic is our business.
We have worked in the plastic sector for more than 40 years, dealing with every type of material and polymer.
We are expert in moulding and use of polymers:
– for common use
– technopolymers
– high performance polymers
– technopolymers
These latter ones are highly complex to deal with because they are subject to high temperatures and are often combined in moulding with other materials such as glass fibre.


Double-injection moulding

Among its press equipment Nuova Plastica includes 3 bi-injection presses with a rotary table, plus additional injection groups ‘BabyPlast’ type.
With these solutions we are capable of obtaining various applications in the field of bi- and three components.


From the experience in the Lighting sector where we realised co-moulding of electronic parts to manufacture lamps, we have acquired the skill to comould metallic and/or magnetic inserts for components with strict specifications.

Chrome / Gold / Nickel plating

We carry out surface treatments of the materials to obtain all sorts of finishing requested by our customers.
To us the detail makes the difference.

Pad printing

We may offer to our customers a tampography service on plastic components.
Thanks to this service we may customize the products according to the needs of our partners.

Mechanical finishing on Components

We can avail ourselves of our tooling and in the assembling area of machinery enabling us to realise all types of needed processing on the moulded parts.

Internal Assembling (Coop) on Press site and in the Assembly area

Dedicated area equipped with ultrasound welders – presses – printers, where we assemble directly on the basis of our customers specifications or we suggest the most suitable method for the item being processed.

Internal workshop

The goal is to offer flexibility and reactivity to every technical and productive need in quick tempo. Moreover, this enables us to intervene with changes and maintenance on our mould equipment.

Counselling our Clients

Thanks to the experience acquired in years of work we offer design and technical advice optimizing existing products and minimizing costs, and keeping high quality standards at the same time.

In addition…

We offer a series of additional finishing processes among which are: HOT STAMPING, PVD, ULTRASOIND WELDING, COATING, SCREEN PRINTING.