Injection moulding with Ultra Polymers

PEEK, Polyetherterchetone. It is the technopolymer with the highest performances present on the market, which makes it a good substitute for metallic materials in the automotive sector.

Injection Moulding of Biodegradable and Eco-Compostable Materials

Bibetech has always been attentive to the environmental footprint, using for its own manufacturing also biodegradable and eco-compostable products intended to the food industry.
In 2015 a collaboration agreement is signed with Vegeplast, a leading company in the production and commercialization of eco-compostable capsules.
Vegemat® is an eco-compostable material 100% resistant to high temperatures as well. Although being of vegetable origin Vegemat® overcomes the limits of the heat sensitivity allowing to expand the possible range of feasible products.

Lenses, Optics and Supports for Lighting Equipment

For more than 10 years we operate in the moulding of optical and lighting supports, thanks to the experience aquired in the LED lighting sector.