From project to finished product –

where ideas take shape

Bibetech supports its partners in all stages of product design.

From feasibility studies to testing, including the choice of raw materials and 3D modeling, a qualified team – with the help of the most innovative software – creates custom molds and modifies existing ones.

Feasibility Study

We analyze design proposals in detail to prevent and resolve any issues, evaluate technical improvement solutions, and define economic sustainability. Our field experience ensures feasibility studies with short lead times and risk analysis.

Process Engineering

Product specifications defined in the design phase are elaborated to consider the individual characteristics of the production process.

Product Engineering

We develop and create custom equipment and automations for the required application.
A coordinated and synergistic team effort ensures the quality of the result, leveraging the diverse expertise of various project stakeholders: sales office, designers, quality and production technicians (concurrent engineering).

Design and detail engineering

Our highly qualified design team and the most advanced software for part modeling guarantee a rapid and efficient response to customer requests and the continuous evolution of the market.

Our software

3D Simulation

During the design phase, we simulate the molding of the part. Thanks to Moldflow software, we analyze all steps for correct injection flow in detail. This allows us to define processes before starting production and always identify the most effective solution by anticipating possible issues.


The strategic prototyping phase allows us to find the best solution for any possible issue. We test and select the most suitable materials, validate the molds, perform dimensional inspections and scan the part.

Mould construction

Thanks to the acquisition of Marostica Stampi, we have an internal workshop that precisely, quickly, and competently meets all our partners’ requests.

Our workshop

1. CAD/CAE software, including Catia V5, Cimatron, and Moldflow
2. Precision 3 and 5-axis milling centers
3. Precision turning center
4. Grinding for planes and rounds, with millesimal management
5. Wire and plunge EDM
6. Metrology room with 3D measuring machine

New mould construction –

The essential phases in designing and making a new mold are multiple and begin with planning the construction phases, issuing the first draft. This is discussed and analyzed by the working team until officially validated. Once the basic list is exploded with dedicated software, the order is processed by the MRP system. Once the construction phase of the mold components starts with subsequent assembly, the process is continually monitored through 4.0 connected machines via MES system. Once ready, the mold is tested in the machine, and the molded parts are checked and measured to define any adjustments before the validation test and final production start.

Team and Skills –

The mold design and manufacturing unit in Sarcedo consist of a technical staff of 5 people with technical design skills and a production department of 7 people with technical production skills.

Types of Product –

• Industrial technical components
• Automotive
• Optics, lighting, and aesthetic components
• Medical
• Metal replacement with technopolymers
• Food packaging MOCA (low thickness, high speed)
• Multi-imprint MOCA packaging
• Eco-friendly materials (compostable, biodegradable, biobased, SUP – Single Use Plastic)