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Idea to final product, always at the client’s side

Bibetech supports its client in all stages, including product design, raw material choice, 3D modelling, rendering, prototyping, choice of mould and assembly equipment and final product testing.

Feasibility studies

Bibetech guarantees feasibility studies with short lead times by using risk analysis

Product planning and design

The design team is equipped with the necessary software to model any product and with state-of-the-art moulds that allow us to efficiently meet market demands in short amounts of time.


Il gruppo di progettazione ha in dotazione tutti i software necessari per la modellazione del particolare, come anche per gli stampi di ultima generazione che ci permettono di interagire in maniera efficiente con la richiesta del mercato in tempi rapidi.

3D Simulation

Since the very beginning of the production process, through the software Moldflow, our technical department is able to simulate piece-moulding, guaranteeing a correct injection stream and planning production ahead of time.

Mould creation

In 2018, Bibetech S.p.a. decided to invest a substantial amount to completely renovate its moulding machinery, tripling the working hours and integrating some missing processes with Swiss last-generation machine tools with 3 and 5 axes.
We use state-of-the-art tool machines from Gruppo +GF


Product testing with client to fully satisfy their needs. Mould and material testing, technical testing and tailored solutions to meet any need.

Product engineering

Through product prototyping we develop the project by making creating synergies amongst all stakeholders: the sales office, the design team, the quality department and the production department (concurrent engineering).

Product engineering

The coordinated workflow of the multifunctional staff allows to create tailored equipment and automations.