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Compostable disposable products: a commitment for Bibetech spa.

Bibetech new bio line born from the company's commitment that wants to make its concrete contribution to protect the environment.
In recent years, we have invested heavily in Research & Development and we will certainly continue to do so, increasingly orienting our production towards eco-sustainability.
In fact, in our plant in Pianezze, we have been producing compostable disposable products in biopolymers for some time.

Safeguarding the planet

Waste disposal is certainly one of the most pressing issues of this decade.
The historical moment we are experiencing pushes us to make profound reflections on the environmental issue.
To safeguard our planet, each of us must make a turnaround and adopt an absolutely more eco-sustainable lifestyle starting from the little things.

Bio-compostable plastic: an alternative to traditional plastic

For each disposable product in traditional plastic (tableware, ice cream sticks, etc ...), Bibetech offers the bio-compostable alternative.

What is bio-compostable plastic

Bio-compostable plastic is one of the new bioplastics, which can be obtained mainly from vegetable starches, absolutely biodegradable according to the European standard EN 13432.
Exactly for these features, the use of bio-compostable plastic allows to optimize the management of organic waste and reduce the environmental impact, ensuring significant benefits throughout the production-consumption-disposal cycle.

It should be known that compostable biopolymer products take about six months to completely degrade once they are properly disposed of.
Bio-compostable plastic has characteristics and properties of use that are very similar to traditional plastics in terms of strength (it can withstand up to 80 °) and functionality. Just for this reason, it lends itself to replacing plastic in many areas. In Bibetech, we use bio-compostable plastic for the production of disposable products.

Characteristics of the bio line products marked Bibetech

- Sustainable: low environmental impact and compostable raw materials are used.
- Functional: our line of compostable disposable products, suitable for food contact, combines functionality and sustainability. A choice that contributes to the preservation of the planet.
- Certificates: for each product compostability is guaranteed in compliance with the UNI EN 13432 standard.
The compostable disposable products line marked Bibetech is a concrete proposal for an eco-sustainable choice in various contexts of commercial and collective catering.

Our short-term goal

Complete the technical studies currently underway to get to the production of bioplastic packaging suitable for food use, eco-friendly, recyclable and 100% compostable.
A challenge we want to win!

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