Passion for industrial process –

of innovative technologies and machinery

Thanks to an internal design and mold development center equipped with CNC centers, tangential grinding, and plunge EDM, Bibetech efficiently manages all production needs.

The machinery park, comprising 90 injection molding presses for molding a wide range of plastic materials,
undergoes continuous monitoring during production phases.

Mass production

A fleet of 90 horizontal and vertical presses with various tonnages.



Assembly and flow processes

Processes carried out with operator on board the press.



External processing Management

A reliable network of stakeholders to ensure complete processing of products.


Streamlined integration with the customer

Alternative supply solutions to traditional ones (such as kanban and milk run) and management directly from the customer portal.

Industry 4.0 –

Guaranteeing customers the highest standards of quality is a priority that has always guided all Bibetech’s activities.

For precise, accurate, and always under control production planning, we have 3 planners equipped with advanced finite capacity APS to manage the lead times of each product.

Compared to traditional MRP, the advanced APS plans production starting from a precise date, simulating timing based on actual machine availability. This also allows us to create a load to consult based on specific needs.

Through a real-time connected 4.0 monitoring system covering our entire machinery fleet, we monitor production progress, the status of each resource, and product efficiency at all times.
Over time, we have witnessed the evolutions and technological advancements of polymers. We have seen new sustainable materials emerge. We have never stopped exploring, from conventional to circular materials from recycling and renewable sources, from compostable materials to technopolymers. From thin-wall to crystal-clear transparency.

We have created an innovation team to expand connections along the stakeholder chain, believing that product innovation is addressed through contamination and synergy.

We have created an R&D prototyping station and dedicated our best technologists to it.