We have the necessary technology and equipment to internally manage mould production

Bibetech has 52 injection moulding machines ranging from 100 to 500 tonnes that can mould many materials.

The internal mechanical workshop is equipped with CNC centres, grinding surfaces and die sink electrical discharge machining that allows to quickly manage all productive needs, additional processes and the realisation of new moulds.

Moulding production

70 moulding machines of ranging tonnage.

Assembly e workflow

Assembly with operator next to moulding machine.

Management of external work

We manage a reliable sub-contractors’ network to fully complete your products.

Slender integration with the Client

We offer the supply of alternative materials/products

– Kanban, milk run.

Industry 4.0

Planning: production planners are equipped with an advanced, finite capacity APS that plans from the current date onwards, managing product’s lead time.
The difference between an advanced APS and a traditional MRP is that the latter starts planning from today, simulating taking into consideration the available machines. All machines are connected to a real-time, 4.0 monitoring system that allows us to control production in real time, the single resource’s state and the efficiency of the product, which is then summarised in a report that processes data called QlikView.

Vertical warehouses for mold storage

Real time production efficiency


Real time production efficiency