The Bibetech group adds a strategic partner.

In 2019, the Bibetech group adds a strategic partner, Internova Pack, with a plant in Pianezze (VI), specialized in the design, development and production of plastic food containers through injection molding.
A wide range of injection moulded containers from Internova Pack designed for the packaging of food products with several innovative features.

Standard packaging products of various shapes and sizes with the latest technology and customized by the customer’s choice and color, and decorated with artwork directly during molding process, using IML labels (In Mould Label), IMS (In Mould Shield) or Skinnypack technology “eco-friendly packaging“.

All these packaging solutions place Internova Pack as an important and main reference company for the Food Industry operating in various sectors such as: ice cream, frozen desserts, dairy products, fish, vegetables, pasta, condiments, etc.

Type of products

Pots from 90 ml to 1600 ml
Containers from 150 ml to 2500 ml
Dishes suitable for microwave cooking
Containers for salads, rice and soups
Custom Packaging
Food contact accessories as ice-cream sticks, straws, spoons and forks removable

Tubs from 2000 to 2500 ml

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Pots from 750 to 900 ml

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Skinnypack solutions

The new SkinnyPack technology provides a new eco-sustainable packaging reducing the amount of plastic up to 60%, whilst keeping the functionality of a rigid pack.
This result is achieved by use of a laminated IMS film melted with the supporting frame during its injection molding process.
The final result is an efficient uniform single piece pack that uses far less material than a conventional one, without limitation on its appearance, functionality and barrier features.
• ridurre l’impiego di plastica fino al 60%
• non compromettere le caratteristiche meccaniche rispetto a un packaging tradizionale
• rivestire l’intero pack con un’etichetta decorata a 5 facce, con possibilità di barriera
• accartocciare il contenitore in fase di smaltimento e di riciclo
• sostituire il contenitore tradizionale con uno eco-friendly, senza dover investire in nuovi macchinari
… tutto questo senza costi addizionali.

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