Bibetech always active, from today also on social networks

The coronavirus emergency has displaced us but has not stopped us. Our company has always remained active and productive.
Of course, we have changed the way we work and how we relate to colleagues and customers, but we have done our best to make everything seem as normal as possible.

Where we were able, we activated smart working, for the rest we have equipped ourselves to work in absolute safety, respecting all the directives of the DPCM for both ours and our customers protection

The insurance policy #andràtuttobene

We care not only about the economic trend, which is certainly an important aspect and should not be underestimated, but we also and above all think about the health of our employees who are our real Resources.
For this reason, as Bibetech group, we promptly activated an insurance that covers the risk of coronavirus infection for all our employees. A small gesture, a commitment on the company side, to demonstrate that we are here and that we want to face this emergency with our heads held high.

Coronavirus does not stop us

As previously said, our company, has not stopped since being part of the economic chain considered essential.
We kept our production department open but, at the same time, our mind.
In this period of forced detachment, we thought of a way that would allow us to be closer and feel more united.

Social media

Together we have decided to become active again on the main social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Starting today we want to create a network of customers, competitors and colleagues.

Why follow us on social media

3 good reasons to follow us on social networks
1 – you will be part of our network; this will allow you to be always updated on our production and design news
2 – you can interact with our technicians quickly
3 – you can make your voice heard by sharing your opinions with us
The social media, which will go alongside our web site, has the aim of reaching, in a smart mode, as many people as possible, creating a network of common interest.
We want our social pages to be as useful tool for both you and us!
Social media will be our communication and information assets, they will help us strengthen the empowerment and engagement of our business reality.
Join our network: just press like!