Bibetech S.p.A.

An industrial group active in 7 continents

Provide complete and tailored solutions ensuring a complete, secure and reliable partner that will always meet all your needs. From analysis and mould realisation to moulding and assembly.
Our journey started over 40 years ago in the industrial heartland of Veneto, but it evolves on a daily basis thanks to substantial investment commitments from the owners that allow us to improve, innovate … grow!
The Bibetech group with its 210 employees operates in 7 continents.
Inventor of eyewear anti-theft and currently one of the lead producers in the sector.


To guarantee a stable process by unifying the supplier to create your final product in plastics.
To be the reference point for product and process innovation.
To be our clients’ added value.
To be creative and make a difference.


We guarantee our partners’ satisfaction by understanding their needs. Our highly specialised staff shapes our know-how, transforming ideas into projects and projects into reality.

From Messina beer new eco-friendly bioplastic products.

LIFE RESTART is the first project to recycle brewers’ grains for the production of green bioplastics.

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Our Certifications
Bibetech is ISO 9001, ISO 45001, a result obtained with constant commitment to always offer a highly qualified service. A confirmation for the past and a guarantee for the future, an assurance for our customers.

You can send any communications to the ODV by e-mail to the address: avvocato@laurabragato.it