The Bibetech Group –

Bibetech was founded in 2008. The three founding partners take up the challenge of enhancing industrial realities with decades of history and experience in polymer injection molding.
In 2016, the upgrade begins with entry into Industry 4.0. The areas of expertise are mainly technical;
in 2019, Internova Packaging, a company specialized in food packaging molding, is acquired.
In 2020, Marostica Stampi is acquired, later transformed into a mold design center.
2022 records two important novelties: the entry into the automotive sector and the construction of the new hub dedicated to food packaging with integrated logistics.
In 2023 Bibetech decide to invest in sustainability by aligning with new European directives by improving processes and raw materials.


The meaning of our business lies in the intention
to create sustainable products to leave a better world
for future generations.


We innovate technology to support life,
making sustainability accessible and achievable.

Bibetech Numbers-

Bibetech 4 operating hubs cover an area of more than 25,700 square meters with a total of 200 employees of 15 different nationalities.

Overall, the production hubs have 90 linear presses that boast a number of certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and BRC that attest the propensity for high standards of quality, safety and environmental management.

In 2023, the energy produced by photovoltaics in the headquarters plant only was 13.4%. In the past 5 years, we have worked for 570 customers divided by 42 countries for a number of work orders totaling 31,490.

Specialty –

Macrosectors of Competence

The areas in which we have specialized over the years are 3.
Starting from mold design, where everything is generated, we go through molding of technical and automotive components on the one hand.
On the other, we are a reference for the production of multiple types of food packaging.

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Our certifications –

Quality and sustainability are not just words.
Every day, we work to ensure excellent products through production processes that prioritize maximum respect for the environment, achieving ISO 14001 certification.
In terms of food safety, we hold BRC certification, while regarding the health and safety of our work environments, we are certified ISO 45001.
Bibetech Group has adopted an ethical code applied through MOG 231 to protect company procedures as a guarantee of governance aimed at continuous improvement.

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Whistleblowing –